As the founders of our industry, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you solve all of your facility inspection and engineering needs. Our tried and true methods will save you time and money. As a result of our decades in the industry, across hundreds of thousands of inspections, we are happy to share some of our wisdom with you through white papers and research reports. These materials can help you understand the industry, what we do, and what value our products bring to you.

3D Scanning 101

A relatively recent technology, 3D scanning is an advanced process for creating a high definition picture of an object of interest, including buildings, floor plans, parking lot configurations, and ATM drive thrus. In this white paper, learn about 3D scanning, what it entails, and some related concepts.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Security Guidebook

In March 2021, the United States passed the milestone of 100,000 public chargers, as recorded by the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center.

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