Lighting Surveys

Lighting conditions must provide a safe and secure environment for your customers, and no one understands that more than we do. GMR pioneered the lighting compliance survey process and continues to be the industry leader in performing night-time compliance surveys. We are committed to excellence and making lighting surveys the most dependable and risk-averse process for our customers. We are the industry leader in performing night-time compliance surveys that measure the existing lighting levels to see if they are sufficient from a safety and security standpoint. Self-performing over 60,000 inspections annually nationwide, you can rely on unmatched quality and excellence with GMR.

ATM Compliance Surveys

Our Facility Inspection Specialists capture your site data, and our design and legal teams ensure your ATM is up to standards according to site-specific ordinances and local codes. Adding the GMR Survey Process to your lighting program is a key component to achieving compliance and easing safety concerns for your portfolio.

Lighting Inspections

Staying on top of your site’s lighting conditions is integral to maintaining a safe environment for your customers and employees. It’s easy to think your location is well-lit, but how many fixtures are out? How many poles are damaged? Are there any dark spots? Our Facility Inspection Specialists can give you all this information, providing you with the data to create a safer environment for everyone involved.