Established in 1991, GMR is a licensed, nationally recognized Engineering and Security firm. We work with our clients as ONE to provide world class Engineering Services and Facility Security Analysis. Each year, GMR conducts nearly 80,000 visits to client facilities across the country, gathering information, performing inspections, analyzing data, verifying security and regulatory compliance, and provide engineering based designs and solutions.

GMR can be your boots on the ground. We are here to mitigate your business risk, assure compliance with both regulation and policy, and create a positive customer experience.

From modest beginnings in the Banking Sector, GMR has grown rapidly over the years and expanded its service offerings and client base across many industries and marketplace verticals. This is the direct result of utilizing our extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide consistent, high quality security and engineering services to our many satisfied clients. GMR is a WBENC certified Women-Owned and Operated Business, headquartered in Heath, TX.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple…At GMR, we strive to achieve the highest level of quality service for our clients and employees by working together as ONE. We want to make what matters to you, better! Working together as ONE means GMR joins our clients and employees to help achieve goals that make organizations, families, and lives stronger. We strive to serve the marketplace with Integrity and Trust through quality and excellence in our work. We believe that we are a marketplace ministry and endeavor to bring hope and confidence to all with whom we connect. We are here to be your eyes and ears when your feet can’t reach. Our goal is to be the very best for our clients and our business future.

“A good name is to be treasured beyond great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

“Trustworthy inspections, useful reports, and solutions that produce results.”

The GMR Commitment

“Unbiased inspections you can trust and unbiased solutions that work.”

The GMR Commitment

“Serving Clients with Excellence”

The GMR Commitment

“Leadership through Servanthood”

The GMR Commitment

“Integrity + Quality = The GMR Way”

The GMR Commitment

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