There are two methods to securely update IT with your password.  These methods are in place to improve your password security and the security position of GMR Protection Resources, Inc.

The first is a popup window which appears when you are requested to change your password.  It says something like, “Would you like to report your password now?”.  If you say, “Yes” then a window appears in which you can enter your password which will be securely transmitted to us.

The second method is to manually run the process which makes the window above appear.

First – Double click on the green IT icon in your system tray (lower right hand corner of the screen, by the clock).  After a few seconds this opens a window called the “Live Connect” window in your web browser.

Second – Follow these instructions, using the image below, to manually run the update request.

  1. Click the blue Agent Procedures button.
  2. Click the word Run, as indicated.
  3. Click the green “Run Now” arrow button, as indicated.
  4. When prompted to run the procedure, click OK.

Third – It could take several minutes for the procedure to run. Then, when prompted to enter your new password, do so and click OK.


Once you have completed the steps above the IT department will update your NeLe password to this new password within 24 hours (except on weekends).