Lighting Designs

Our proven Lighting Design Process is engineered to address site-specific and industry-specific lighting challenges, producing effective solutions for customer safety, legal compliance, energy savings, reduced maintenance, illumination requirements, and sustainability.

Your Pain Point:

Our Solution:

Actual lighting PERFORMANCE doesn’t match projections on plans.
“We know results.” Our proprietary methodologies provide unmatched experiential knowledge to understand how fixtures perform in a natural setting.
Unsure of how to pick the right PRODUCT for the desired result.
“We know products.” Our manufacturer relationships and historical data afford us unmatched knowledge.
Need for CONSISTENCY in results across varying environments.
We self-perform all work after customized training according to each client’s regulations and needs.
Getting sites quickly through PERMITTING and landlord approvals.
We know what is required by jurisdictions and landlords from working directly with them over the course of the 12,000+ lighting design projects we have successfully completed.

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