3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning produces fast and highly accurate existing conditions data which minimizes errors and omissions, provides increased productivity and can reduce costs on projects. This type of scanned as-built imagery transforms the planning and engineering of projects to create the highest level of accuracy and usability.

Do You Know:

Why Choose GMR:

Do you know how you are going to plan your next facility renovation?
We provide the most accurate facility survey data, allowing us to prepare as-built plans for architectural and engineering design renovations.
Do you know what your facilities look like?
We produce 3D imaging of facilities for the accurate creation of building plans.
Do you have any lighting renovation plans?
We provide full facility imaging so that accurate reflective ceiling plans can be created.
Do you need land and topographical surveying for your improvement projects?
We capture land data up to three times faster than traditional surveying measures and can reach every part of a given environment without being restricted by obstacles.

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