GMR provides comprehensive solutions developed holistically to address physical security and operational risks.

We consider all aspects of the physical, business and community environment in which our customers are located. Our diverse skill sets enable our team to manage each project from inception to completion.  We perform threat assessments, lighting analysis and design, and security reviews to identify and implement the best solution to fit conditions.  Every member of   our team delivers thorough, methodologically sound and professional service throughout the life cycle of Security Risk Management.

Our team is composed of experts in operational disciplines to meet the requirements of bank security and public safety. We deploy lighting and electrical specialists; we have highly trained and skilled veterans from all branches of the military, and our staff also includes experienced law enforcement, fire service, and emergency medical personnel. This combined knowledge, insight, and expertise allows GMR to create a blueprint for safety that ensures least risk.


Security Consulting

We can help create an integrated security framework to mitigate the threats to your organization.

Our security consultants have decades of experience advising clients and global corporations across industries including automotive, construction, energy, financial services, real estate and related industries. GMR’s services help you create a safe environment with through threat assessments, policy and procedure review and development, and security reviews.

Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessments

Effective security begins with understanding your vulnerabilities. Our proven methodology examines security from all angles to properly mitigate risks within the operating environment, with the electronics utilized, and from human activity.

Comprehensive threat and vulnerability risk assessments are a core component of any security program. Our assessment methodology includes:

  • Analyzing the operating environment, inclusive of the surrounding area.
  • Reviewing the property and its current areas of exposure, including security incidents, to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Interviewing employees and other key personnel.
  • Providing a gap analysis to identify areas where the security program does not address vulnerabilities or meet industry best practices.
  • Recommending and guiding you through implementing security measures to mitigate any identified areas of vulnerability to reduce your risk.

Security Audits and Reviews

The Security Audit assesses how effectively your Firm’s security policies and procedures are being implemented. GMR has the resources to uncover where security gaps exist and help identify issues driving non-compliance with the security program.

Leveraging proven methodologies or using your information collection tools, our strategically dispersed personnel are available to collect and analyze data to help you establish a Best-in-Class, risk-based security program. Whether you are responsible for a single location or several thousand locations nationwide, our mission is to provide you with efficient site assessment management.

Policy and Procedure Review and Development

The evolving world of security requires continual evaluation of policies and updating of procedures to address emerging threats. Our consultants are available to comprehensively analyze and test your existing policies and procedures as well as work with you to develop more robust and customized programs.

A comprehensive security program must cover physical and operational security as well as clearly define duties and expectations for everyone throughout the organization, inclusive of third-party providers. We can review your current policies and procedures to ensure they cover your current risk and vulnerabilities.  If your current policies and procedures are insufficient or ineffective, GMR can develop security policies and procedures tailored to your organization.


Operational Security Services

Danger will often surface without warning.  At GMR, we can identify where you are most vulnerable, help you analyze the risk, develop and implement solutions and ultimately assist in creating a blueprint for safety across your organization. 

Our Operational Security Services are diverse and can be customized for your needs.  Working closely with your team, GMR can customize a broad range of Operational Security Services including:

  • ATM and Night Depository Lighting and Landscape Compliance Assessments
  • After-Hours Premise Activity Reviews
  • Interior and Exterior Facility Condition Assessments
  • Janitorial Assessments
  • Security Officer Quality Assurance Testing
  • Training Services

ATM and Night Depository Lighting and Landscape Compliance Assessments

GMR has developed a consistent methodology for inspecting nighttime lighting levels and other safety issues for ATM and Night Deposit locations across the country.  Our inspection techniques and reports have been referred to as an “Industry Best Practice.”  Performing over 60,000 nighttime inspections each year, our vast experience enables us to offer unmatched industry perspective and guidance for clients seeking to develop compliance strategies and policy programs which comply with various state and municipal laws and provide safe environments for ATM and Night Deposit customers in both regulated and non-regulated states.

Interior and Exterior Facility Condition Assessments

GMR helps internal groups responsible for facilities overcome time and resource limitations.  Our ability to plan and execute site-specific information gathering assessments for any size portfolio is one of our strongest capabilities. We have an agile group of employees who specialize in site-specific data gathering. Our proprietary data gathering platform is customizable to capture virtually any type of facility data and report information in a useable format for our clients to use with facility improvement projects.

After-Hours Premise Activity Review

Premise owners and managers have specific responsibilities to provide reasonable levels of security when persons come onto their property. An analysis of what is happening after hours is a reasonable step in determining foreseeability of crime or situations which would present risk to persons and property.

Janitorial Assessments

As a part of an after-hour review, Q/A on-site evaluations of janitorial activity related to service level agreements provides a real-time validation of the vendor’s committed deliverables and ensures your satisfaction and return on your investment.

Security Officer Quality Assurance Testing

Security Officers are your first line of defense.  Although they may not be your employees, security officers are often viewed as your security team’s ambassadors.  Are you certain they are representing you in a professional manner and are trained to properly respond during an emergency?

Although security is of utmost importance, security officers are often overworked and underpaid.  GMR offers a three-phased approach to test the aptitude and readiness of your proprietary or outsourced security officer team:

  • Phase One – Site Inspection
  • Phase Two – Situational Testing
  • Phase Three – Penetration Testing

Note: Phase Three – Penetration Testing is often coupled with a Security Audit/Review to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities in the security program or security systems at a specific site.

Training Services

Whether a brief, introductory course or an extensive curriculum, GMR will partner with each client to present training tailored for their staff.

With subject matter experts from the automotive, construction, energy, financial services, legal and real estate industries, our goal is to help our clients reduce risk through security training.  Some areas of focus include:

  • Active Shooter
  • Lighting
  • Violence-Free Workplace Training

Security System Services

GMR has partnered with clients and developers on diverse projects from inception through construction to efficient site management.  Our design team can illustrate lighting for security while our engineers can assist with energy audits.  Finally, with strategically dispersed teams, GMR can fill gaps due to staff reductions and reduce the number of vendors touching your location. This results in direct savings for you.

How many vendors currently touch your location?  How many employees must travel to your sites for assessments, reviews, testing or inspections? Each one passes along the cost of travel, and time getting to the site, to you.  GMR Protection Resources offers comprehensive facility inspection and data collection focusing on inventory audits, inclusive of alarm and video surveillance system testing.

Inventory Audits

“Enhance security. Use creative solutions. Reduce staff and budget!” Security and facility management professionals hear this challenge frequently.

Large portfolio organizations are continually challenged to maintain the consistency of their brand. Costs are compounded due to the multiplied number of persons, vendors and so on required to validate an endless list of brand and Q/A issues on a recurring basis. The common thread and opportunity to achieve immediate cost reduction is to reduce the number of entities required to visit the location at any given time. They all incur time and travel. Consider partnering with a trusted specialty vendor such as GMR to make one visit to gather all required information.

Standards Review and Development

A comprehensive security program identifies the security standards required for the safety of employees, tenants, visitors, facilities and assets.  We can review your current standards to ensure they cover your current risk and vulnerabilities.  If your current standards are insufficient or ineffective, GMR can develop standards tailored to your organization.


Special Programs

In this ever-changing world, businesses and security managers must be prepared to respond to what can be overwhelming emergency and crisis management situations. GMR provides a holistic, end-to-end solution to create active shooter, authorized to carry weapons and violence-free workplace programs, tailored to your organization.

Active Shooter Program

Evolving threats locally and abroad require that facility managers and security professionals ensure their properties are safe and employees are prepared to react during and following an active shooter threat or incident. From review and testing of your existing plans and procedures, to integrating organizational plans with first responders, to scenario-based training with key personnel and law enforcement, GMR will partner with you to develop an Active Shooter Program to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Authorized to Carry Weapons Program

Although a business may prohibit weapons in the workplace, many states have open or concealed carry laws. Some employees may exploit these laws to carry weapons into the workplace. Further, given the changing security landscape, some security departments are considering the use of armed personnel. GMR has developed an end-to-end ‘Authorized to Carry Weapons’ Program for individuals to carry on premise. This Program includes recognition of, and compliance with legal parameters, maintenance and continued training to mitigate risk and organizational liability.

Violence-Free Workplace Program

Many business owners and managers are aware of high-profile incidents of workplace violence – a shooting that grabs media attention following a disgruntled former employee walking into an office armed with weapons.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 551 employees per year were victims of work-related homicide between 2006 and 2010, accounting for 11% of all work-related fatalities.  The typical manager, supervisor or employee is more likely to encounter acts of non-lethal violence including verbal threats, stalking, intimidation, sexual harassment and assault.  These types of violence are more prevalent and may be perpetrated by customers and co-workers, or result from an employee’s domestic situation carrying over into the workplace.  Under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) General Duty Clause, employers are required to maintain a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.  GMR will help you adopt an effective violence prevention and intervention program, ensuring your employees and managers are aware, educated, trained and prepared to properly respond and escalate issues for your crisis management team’s response.

“A good name is to be treasured beyond great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

GMR embarks on a portfolio wide security risk assessment initiative. By utilizing GMR, this Credit Union with over 300 locations nationwide benefits from world class assessment expertise and data. Additionally, the client’s physical security team can focus on solutions as a part of their over-all protection strategy. GMR provides assessments for all proposed and existing locations.


“You protect us from liability.”

National Financial InstitutionFacilities Protection Officer

A Regional banking entity is piloting utilizing GMR to provide security risk assessments. The primary benefits include, controlled cost, consistency and accuracy of data, third party subject matter expert perspective, industry peer perspective and increased ability of the client team to focus critical loss prevention strategies.


“GMR helps us increase our security. You provide reliable service. Your inspections are an independent audit. Your service helps us make sure our branches and property managers are accountable for making corrections.”

National Financial InstitutionSecurity Manager

Community bank continues to expand their program by trusting GMR to provide affordable solutions to many of their compliance and risk assessment needs.


“With GMR I don’t have to worry about this aspect of customer safety.”

Regional Financial InstitutionVice President/Security Officer

“The bank realized cost savings. It was more effective and efficient to outsource to GMR. Plus, our bank is now in a better position to avoid regulatory issues as a result of our relationship with GMR.”

National Financial InstitutionPhysical Security Director