The following instructions will assist you in changing your password:

** Please read these instructions thoroughly as you will not be able to read them after you begin.

To change your password

  1.  Field staff and Office staff, who are not working at GMR’s office, you must connect to the VPN. Office staff working in the office, skip to step 2.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del or, on a Surface, the volume+power button combination to lock/unlock your computer.
  3. Choose Change a password
  4. Enter your current password once and your NEW password twice.
  5. Click OK. If you get an error, then try a different password. (See the GMR Password Policy.)
  6. When finished and if you have time, reboot your computer. Otherwise, you can click Cancel and continue your work. Remember to reboot at your next opportunity.

GMR iPhone Users:

  1. You will also need to update your password on your phone. We recommend that you wait until the GMR iPhone has prompted you for a new password.

All field staff and anyone using the VPN:

  1. VPN Users (All Field Staff and many office staff) – You will need to clear your old sign-in info. Please follow these directions:
    1. Click Windows icon (lower left corner)
    2. Click the Gear icon (this opens Settings)
    3. Click “Network & Internet”
    4. Click “VPN” (left hand side of window)
    5. Click “New GMR VPN”.
    6. Click “Advanced options” – DO NOT click “Remove”!
    7. Click “Clear sign-in info”.
    8. The next time you connect to the VPN you will be prompted for you new credentials.
      1. Type “gmr1\” then your username. For almost everyone, this is the front part of your email address, before the “@” symbol. Example
      2. Type your new password.
  2. Field Staff, please use the Secure Password Transmission Method to submit your new password to IT so that it can be updated in NeLe.

If you have additional questions, please contact IT.