Capitalize on GMR’s experience to be your ONE solution for all your Compliance, Inspections and Security Needs.

Facility Analysis is the heart of GMR’s business expertise. It is the founding practice of the company and remains at the forefront of our reputation for delivering accurate, reliable, and actionable compliance, inspections, and safety solutions to client facilities nationwide.

Our initial business experience in delivering valuable client information and solutions to the large, complex, and heavily regulated banking industry quickly expanded into a broader portfolio of service offerings across many other commercial and industrial sectors. Since 1991, GMR has conducted over one million successful facility inspections. This industry leading experience taps into an enormous database of information and expertise, providing our clients with a superior level of confidence in developing facility solutions that ensure policy and regulatory compliance and contribute to the overall performance of their business. GMR excels at understanding our clients’ goals and we are committed to achieving those goals together, as ONE.

GMR’s professional teams provide customized inspection processes to meet client objectives at a granular level. We are a reliable, objective, and cost-effective resource that can readily respond to local, regional and national facility assessment needs regardless of scale. GMR utilizes a proprietary database to accurately capture and store facility information. We carefully analyze data, generate customized reports, and provide solutions to meet specific client requirements across a variety of industries of all sizes and scope. GMR provides extensive Facility Site Condition Assessments, Facility Due Diligence, Renovation Assessments, Condition Assessments, Commissioning Inspections, ADA Surveys, ATM ADA Inspections, periodic Maintenance Inspections and Review, Sign Assessments/Inventories/Brand Validations, Site Lighting Surveys and Designs, Exterior Property Conditions, Equipment Inventories, Capital Planning Data, and Database Repositories for Project Tracking. We are at your service to provide solutions that will help you manage all of your compliance, inspections, and security needs.

“A good name is to be treasured beyond great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

“GMR is the only company I would trust to do this work.”

National Financial InstitutionVice President Chief Security Officer

“I’ve never met a company like GMR in my entire life. The best niche, the very best people, and the best culture. Something to envy… May God continue to bless GMR.”

National Banking InstitutionVP/Facilities

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