GMR has the credentials and experience to assure compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as corporate standards, guidelines, and best practices. We utilize a proven four-part Compliance Process for a wide range of facility and property types. 

The GMR Process:

  • Surveys
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Solutions

Our professional engineering teams, proprietary information gathering, process methodologies, and full time in-house legal resources work in concert to deliver executable results. Our clients benefit from consistent, cost effective information gathering, thoughtful analysis, and clear solutions. We specialize in large footprint portfolios where efficiency and savings are a requirement. Given our many years of industry connectivity, GMR is able to leverage our experienced field resources to consistently meet client needs. We excel at bringing great people into your facility and working seamlessly with your staff to achieve minimal disruption and exceptional results.



The GMR Survey Process is a proprietary, formal data collection methodology used to survey and document the client site. It is a time-tested method that forms the basis for analysis and design of the optimal, achievable solution. Our resources conduct between 40,000 and 85,000 surveys and inspections each year. Virtually every facility and property type fits in the detailed framework of our data collection model. GMR has the resources and experience to complete projects for one specific site, or for thousands of sites. Our founding practice in the ATM Financial sector provided the reach and the means to develop a consistent methodology for inspecting lighting levels and other safety issues across a wide range of businesses. Our particular inspection techniques and reporting protocol have been referred to as the standard for “Industry Best Practice.”



Analytical excellence is an essential driver of sound business decisions. Having the right information and knowing how to use it furnishes the best, intelligently targeted result. Our industry-leading analytical capabilities allow us to correctly profile facility performance and identify potential compliance issues. The use of properly analyzed data has resulted in many success stories. Proper data analysis provides clients with the ability to set or adjust programs to create effective remediation strategies. GMR’s analytical tools help avoid costly mistakes and are the basis for developing, and ultimately executing, a well-documented plan to attain facility compliance.



GMR understands that accurate data, properly presented, tells a story that communicates at all levels. We provide a variety of reporting formats that are uniquely tailored to specific industry needs. Our individual site reports, summary reports, industry benchmark comparisons and analytic reports are structured to provide both information and insight.

The business world increasingly relies on analytics-based decision making. GMR’s proprietary methodologies to collect and compile accurate data, organize information into clear reporting formats, produce organized reports, and present findings are state-of-the-art.



GMR provides a strategic, end-to-end process that helps our clients identify issues, assess risk, and develop solutions to close compliance gaps. We bring a proven methodology that addresses real risk mitigation and leads to behavioral and policy changes that improve compliance performance. Our fact-based analysis and solutions recommendations are a reflection of our regulatory knowledge, engineering expertise and field experience. We bring process-driven solutions to you. GMR offers an unmatched industry perspective and provides accurate data collection, proven analytics, extensive reporting and powerful solutions that help our clients reach the highest levels of compliance in their industry.

“A good name is to be treasured beyond great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

“GMR takes away the guess work from a compliance issue. I don’t have to wonder what the problem is.”

Nationwide Facility PartnerFacilities Manager

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“You are easy to work with. I love the reports. They are easy to read and understand.”

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National Facility Management FirmProject Manager

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Regional Financial InstitutionSr. Vice President

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Large Lighting DistributorSupply Chain Manager

“We have derived several benefits from GMR. First, you help us address compliance. Second, your expertise is invaluable. Third, since GMR works with so many others, you give us perspective on how we are doing in the industry.”

National Financial InstitutionSecurity Manager Corporate Security

“You are a great partner to us and we appreciate & greatly value our relationship.”

Nationally recognized Facility Management FirmProject Manager

“I appreciate GMR’s quick response and turn-around time when special incident surveys are requested”

National Financial Institution’s Corporate SecurityVice President